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Do you often feel like you have nothing to wear despite having a stuffed closet? Together, we will go through it and evaluate each item, checking condition of the piece and whether the fit is right for you. The result will be an organized, streamlined closet filled only with items that work for your style. During this process, I also will make a list of recommended pieces and accessories you may want to invest in to complete your wardrobe.

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you are. With this service, we will create outfits that fit your needs. After assessing each piece in your wardrobe, I’ll create ready-to-wear attires by using what you already own . You’ll be able to recreate these ensembles because I’ll provide you with printed photos during the session.

This is a journey toward self-discovery during which we identify your personal style, assess your closet and shop to build your wardrobe. After I pinpoint your personal style, I’ll evaluate your closet based on your style and goals. Finally, we’ll bring it all together by going shopping.*

*Shopping budget not included.

Let me be your eyes and search for just-the-right pieces for you. I’ll target your favorite stores and collect items for you, from fast fashion to designer brands, depending on your budget. I may even challenge you to try new brands! I will build your profile beforehand by asking you a few questions about your preferences, body type, colors and more.*

*Shopping budget not included.

This is a free-spirited package that we design together. Email me about your goal — such as photo shoots, finding the ideal outfit for a special occasion, building a work wardrobe or getting vacation-ready.

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